Thank You Peter & Brenda!

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We were so pleased to have Peter and Brenda Jones, from Australia, with us during the first term of classes at JBI. Peter came to teach English, Study Skills, and Church and Its Mission. Brenda took on the task of re-organizing all the library books after the new shelves were installed. She sewed curtains for dorm rooms and sorted through a neglected storage area, discovering both unexpected treasures and junk.

We really appreciate their willingness to come over and help us at JBI. God Bless!

JBI School Year 2012 Begins

Supt Y. Atnelo, R. Blankenship, J.G. Ellison cutting ribbon on new classroomIt is hard to believe that the first school term of 2012 is almost over and exams are looming! It has been busy! We had a wonderful start with Pastor Randy Blankenship flying in from the US to be our Spiritual Emphasis speaker for the week. At the same time we dedicated the new classroom building and everyone was excited to move in and use the new facilities. It was eleven months of hard work but now we wonder how we ever coped without it! Final coat of exterior paint has yet to be done as the cement still needs to cure. Thank you to everyone who supported and worked to make that new building a reality on our campus! Thank you to ActioNow partners who financed the last stage of the construction and permitted us to finish on time!

P3060361Pastor Peter Jones came from Australia to teach English and Study Skills to the first year students this term. He has been a blessing in so many ways, teaching, speaking in chapel and maintenance work. He put up all the finishing touches such as the bathroom mirrors, towel racks, curtain rods and doorstops in the new building. We have so appreciated his help and willingness to serve. Look forward to him coming again with his wife Brenda!

Students coloring Bible Lands mapsI have been teaching my favorite subject this term, Biblical Archaeology. I have come to the conclusion that there is way too much to explore in one term so I am hoping to be able to split the course into OT Archaeology and NT Archaeology in the future. Next challenge is finding adequate textbooks in non-technical English.

Gary has been busy teaching as well as leading the school as principal. His Expository Preaching students are being stretched and will all be preaching in chapel next term. Every Thursday Gary preaches in chapel and is currently preaching through Second Peter.

We so appreciate all the messages of encouragement and support! We could not be here without your partnership! Thank you!

Thank you Pastor Nicholson!

imageIt has been a highlight during the second term to have Pastor Maurice Nicholson with us. He has taught Genesis 1-11 and Daniel/Revelation, as well as giving lectures on Seventh Day Adventism errors in the Cults course. He and our Dean of Students, Pastor Kiel Maimai, have also gone to Tanna and Paama to give conferences on SDA errors. He reminds of us Apollos who “greatly helped those who through grace had believed, for he powerfully refuted the Jews in public, showing by the Scriptures that the Christ was Jesus" (Act 18:27-28 ESV).

In addition to the Word of God, Maurice knows the laws of sowing and reaping and is a first class farmer. He has been a great help to us in developing our garden along with students Hosea Katipa and Gino Bulememe.

Maurice and his wife Margaret (pictured above) have been dear friends since 1998 and have been a great blessing to us personally and to the work of the Lord in the South Pacific. Thank you, Maurice and Margaret, for your generous investment in Joy Bible Institute!

J. Gary Ellison, Principal

Early Biblical History Course

We were very happy to offer a two-week intensive course on Early Biblical History with Rev. Maurice Nicholson of Australia. The course was held from August 11-22 on the JBI campus. Thirty students, including five SIL Bible translators attended. Bro. Nicholson took the students through the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis, explaining creation versus evolution, the fall of mankind, the origin of pagan religions, the flood, and the origin of different peoples and languages, among other important topics. The students thoroughly enjoyed the Bible teaching with some saying that, “every pastor in Vanuatu needs this course!”

We look forward to having Bro. Nicholson back next year to give another course. Non-JBI students are welcome to register for courses.

Genesis course participants SIL Bible translators