Sailing to Santo

Twenty JBI students have headed to Santo today for a two week mission trip. Yesterday, they were all ready to set sail but a severe weather front kept the ship at port. This morning it was still very stormy but by afternoon the sun was shining as the “Santo Queen” left port with 18 happy students, spouses, six puppets, boxes of literature, and a whole lot of baggage!

roll call for boarding

Gino, David and DonaldThe students have been preparing all year for this trip. They raised all the money to cover their costs, fasted once a week as a student body, prepared a children’s program, and so much more. As graduation approached, the teary graduates have been happy to prolong their time with classmates by a couple more weeks of joint ministry and adventure…this kind of endeavor in Vanuatu is always a bit of an adventure. They are on the high seas tonight, 24 hours of travel time, stopping to unload passengers at several islands and then arriving on Santo later tomorrow afternoon. Once on the island of Santo they will start trekking to churches and villages in bush areas.

Santo Queen

Pastor Philip and the principal and his family will be flying to Santo shortly to join the students. Please pray for us all as we go, taking the Gospel to those who have yet to hear or understand that this Good News is for them.

Student Ministry Trip to Torba Province

We would like to thank all the churches around Port Vila and the individuals who generously supported the student’s fundraising efforts for the 2008 mission trip to Torba Province. A group of 11 students left yesterday for the northern islands. They will spend several weeks visiting Gaua, Mota Lava, Mota and Vanua Lava. Please pray for their safety and God’s anointing as they travel and minister.

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