FREE NIGHT COURSE: Genesis 1-11 and its application to scientific evidence and implication for values

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Joy Bible Institute is sponsoring a night course on Genesis chapters 1-11 and its application to scientific evidence and implication for values.

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Maurice Nicholson

The course will be taught by Maurice Nicholson who has a Graduate Diploma in Teaching in biology. For 11 years, Maurice worked as a scientist with the Depart­ment of Primary Industries at the Mar­oochy Research Station in southeast Queens­land, Australia. His work was in the areas of pineapple flower induction, selection and testing of mutations within banana varieties and breeding of paw-paw (papaya).

This course will focus on the intersection of the Bible with science and values, with special attention given to the first eleven chapters of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Science teachers and students are especially encouraged to attend.

DATES: Every Monday night, 13 June through 1 August
TIME: 6 pm to 9 pm

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